Precision mechanics
Manufacturer of punches and dies

Truning - Miling

Our Turning Milling connected to our computer network GPQAO and FAO allows us to ensure follow-up care, constant customer traceability, this sector is equipped with about fifteen centres, including
  • 5 CNC turning centres, including 4 large capacity axes CAPACITY Ø 600 X 2000
  • 3 CNC machining centres, including 6 axes
  • Conventional machining centres

« All carried out by our efficient staff»

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Milling entres

High-speed machining centre

High-tech module

Control measures

  • Three-dimensional,
  • Profilometer X500 000
  • Vertex non-contact measurement,
  • Roll-out machine
  • Profile projectors
  • Column of measurements
  • 500 small control devices